94-times capped Wales International and British Lions player has been appointed for 2018/19 season

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We are proud to announce that Mike Phillips will take over from Henry Paul to lead the defence of the West Asia Premiership.

Mike moved to Dubai in 2018. Since then he's been a TV consultant for beIN Sports and he has set up the Mike Phillips Rugby Academy in Dubai (www.mikephillipsacademy.com

Caped 94 times for Wales and 5 times for the British and Irish Lions, Mike brings his wealth of knowledge to the current West Asia Champions. Working alongside last years coaching team of Andrew Buist and Jonny Macdonald, Mike will be looking to build on a club that is set to raise the bar higher once again.

As a player that has only just retired, Phillips brings the most recent and relevant rugby knowledge to the club. The appointment along with the continued support of JA Dragons sponsors, JA Hotels and Hesco positions the team well for the upcoming season.

"I’m so delighted to join the current leading team in the UAE, the Jebel Ali Dragons! 

I can’t wait to add the passion and energy I showed in my playing career now in my new role as Director of Rugby and working with a very experienced and successful coaching team. Henry Paul did such a great job in moving the team forward, and I hope to push it further along with what I’ve learned throughout my career." Mike Phillips

Stuart Quinn, Club Chairman, Jebel Ali Dragon, said: “As a club have decided that investing in the very best coaching options available to us is the only way to succeed and achieve sustainability. We believe Mike will take the platform set by the previous DOR  and raise the quality once again. The standard of rugby is leaping forward in the region and we think that it’s our responsibility to ensure the coaching is always ahead of that. We have a product that we offer to over 120 senior players. We need to make sure it’s the best product in West Asia and the UAE”